Singing Lessons

By member demand we are pleased to announce that singing lessons will be available from singing teacher Simon Chalford Gilkes. You can learn about Simon at

From Better Breathing’ to ‘Pitch, Range and Delivery'- there are many ways in which you can improve and build on your vocal technique.

These opportunities will help you enjoy your singing even more no matter at what point in the ability curve you are now at.

Please note this is a new programme. So. as we receive your response we’ll tune the programme to meet member’s needs more closely with the aim of delivering just the right level of support at each level. Liz Aitken has kindly stepped in to help co-ordinate this programme. Contact Liz at (

Note the reservation form works like an e-commerce site except that it does not accept payment. Please  bring your payment along to the lesson. But for now, continue as if you were makaing a purchase. In that way your reservation will be loggged into our system. Thank you!

Choose from; - 

Group Practice Workshops

The session Simon will lead a small group (6-8) of singers through techniques and practice to help us get the fundamentals right - 30 minutes
Who Everyone welcome
When Next sessions commence September Term
Cost £5.00 (pay Simon at each session)
Group Singing Lessons
The session Simon will work with a small group (4 to 6) to help each member raise their singing skills in general and in specific ways to each individual - 6 progressive sessions of 60 minutes each
Who Beginner to intermediate

Probably around 7pm Commencing June 14th 2017

Close by Marylebone Station

Cost £90 for 6 sessions
Individual - One to One
The session Personal coaching and lesson at your own 1 hour lesson with Simon. Locations: Great Ormond Street, Baker Street or Westbourne Grove
Who Anyone – Novice to Advanced!
When To suit Simon and you
Cost £45
How Email Simon directly at   or call him on 07428 396612