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Join Barts Choir as a Guest Singer for Bach's B Minor Mass!

This Saturday June 10th: St Jame's Church Sussex Gardens Paddington

No matter where you are in the singing spectrum, this term Barts is taking a fresh approach to building singing skills and choral inspiration. 

Barts is renowned for professionally led rehearsals that culminate in performance at major London concert venues. Last term, we performed Parry's 'Blest Pair of Sirens' and Vaughan Williams' tumultuous 'Sea Symphony' at the Royal Festival Hall. Barts Choir joined with the Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Ivor Setterfield, to deliver an enthralling evening to a rapturous audience. For us as singers, the inspiring evening once more underpinned our belief that in the world of choral music - 'There's nothing quite like Barts!'

We would now love to welcome guest singers to join us for our rehearsal day and performance of Bach's B Minor Mass, on Saturday 10th June at St James' Church in Sussex Gardens. At this stage of our invitation you should have experience of singing this piece previously. There is no audition to join.

Bach’s B Minor Mass is by any standards one of the great monuments of Western music culture and, some have said, the greatest piece of choral music ever written. Our warm welcome reaches out to all singers to join us to perfect and perform this wonderfully uplifting piece. 

Join us as a singer or audience, as follows:

6.30 pm Performance Today June 10th

Tickets are £10 each. Come along and enjoy our performance, or spread the word to your friends and family for them to experience the beauty of this piece in an intimate and atmospheric setting.

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Beyond the main choir... there's more we have to offer.

Our Chamber Choir gives our more ambitious members an opportunity to excel and perform rare and special works to appreciative audiences in central London churches.

If you want to get serious about really learning to sing well then one of our optional group or individual singing lessons could be just what you are looking for in finding your true voice.

Our social activities range from a drink after rehearsal to top show theatre and dinner evenings, the occasional quiz night and our latest initiative in development - summer cycle rides. 

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